Saturday, April 21, 2012

pasar malam

my pwenz n 1 enjoy walking along the PASAR MALAM..we like walking at the many people there buying their food..including me..rini saja abeh 10 hennget beli makan bought koey teow goreng,aym goreng and some junk food to eat enjoy walking on the PASAR MALAM..maybe..some people feeling kind a awkward when go to PASAR MALAM coz there so many people there kn..tapi ak xkesah..boleh gak cuci2 mata tgok mamat2 nsem pn still ramai orang kt bawah..did i mention that PASAR MALAM is kat bawah flat ak ni ha..dari atas ak ley see so many people there..and ak nak bagitau yang kat bawah to sume da macam2 many RACES there..coz..we are MALAYSIAN im proud to be MALAYSIAN..we can menbeli & menjual dengan aman at PASAR MALAM without any gangguan from other now that it for want to continue with my stdy that tertunggak dari siang just like this..there are so many people but i stood by them...ahahah (so much broken english)

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